Social Responsibility

Sustainability: The Company is certified by PBQP-H, level A, which, according to its regulations, aims to contribute to the improvement of quality, productivity and sustainability in civil construction.

The Company adopts sustainability practices in its projects and construction sites. It also internally adopts indicators that control the monthly consumption of water, energy and waste at construction sites, with goals defined according to the characteristics of each project.

The internal controls are based on the municipal legislation of São Paulo, technical rules and the National Environment Council.

The operational procedures for the management of solid waste applied to the Company’s construction works include different stages: generation, segregation, packaging, identification, collection, transportation, storage, management and final disposal in accordance with sanitary and environmental legislation.

The Brazilian Habitat Quality and Productivity Program (PBQP-H) is an instrument of the Federal Government to meet the commitments made by Brazil when the Istanbul Charter was signed (Habitat Conference II/1996). Its goal is to organize the civil construction sector around two main issues: improving habitat quality and productive modernization.

The pursuit of these objectives involves a set of actions, including compliance assessment of services and construction companies, improving the quality of materials, staff training and ongoing qualification, technical standardization, laboratory capacity building, assessment on innovative technologies, consumer information and communication among the sectors involved. Therefore, it encourages more competitiveness in the sector, the improvement of quality of products and services, the cost reduction and the improved use of public resources. The long-term objective is to create a competitive equality environment, which provides affordable and higher quality solutions to reduce the housing deficit in the country, especially focusing on the construction of housing projects of social interest.