About Plano&Plano

A Plano&Plano

Born in 1997, Plano&Plano is currently one of the ten major real estate construction and development companies in Brazil. For being a successful company in the real estate market and the leader in the industry in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, it has a broad portfolio of services in different segments.

Known for its reliability and credibility, Plano&Plano aims to do more and better in all segments where it operates. Proof of this is that we have raised the level of construction in the industry by offering high buildings, elevators, leisure area, condominium security and a remarkable characteristic to all our developments: exemplary quality.

In addition to developing and building, we also have our own sales force – Plano&Venda.

Although Plano&Plano has grown, it has kept the same purpose and nature envisaged at the time of our foundation: to build and deliver dreams.