Business Model

We began our operations as a real estate developer and construction company focusing on high- and medium-end projects and later shifted to low-income residential projects, also participating in the Minha Casa Minha Vida Program.

We operate in a fully integrated manner by addressing all real estate development stages, from prospecting and forming land bank to real estate development, construction and sales.

Land Bank

Thanks to our own methodology, we have a robust land bank with a potential PSV of approximately R$10 billion, spread across privileged locations in all regions of the city, mainly near urban infrastructure such as subway stations and bus terminals. Our land bank is strategically positioned to meet a growing demand for housing in the city of São Paulo and offers a wide and strategic advantage within the real estate development market, which allows us to continue pursuing sustainable and quality growth. We have proven efficient processes and an experienced team able to identify strategic land to develop projects fit for our segment, even in high income locations.

Real Estate Development

We have a vertical real estate development model comprising project development (with cost planning and management), actual construction and sales. Project development is based on proven testing processes, ensuring it will be executed as planned, ranging from land identification, project feasibility to marketing campaigns and launch date. Our strategy ensures optimization of the construction chain across all the stages of the real estate development in order to deliver high-quality units.


We have an experienced construction team made up of 420 direct employees and 2,300 indirect employees with long-term relationships. We have over fifteen years of business relationship with the suppliers Thyssenkrupp, Atlas, Deca, Otis, Quartzolit, ArcelorMittal, Gerdal, Portital and Cecrisa, ensuring effective and standard processes and improved supply and time management. These combined factors lead to a sophisticated and standardized vertical model, with a high level of customer satisfaction.


Controlled by the Company, Plano & Vendas Consultoria de Imóveis Ltda., popularly known as House, has a structure fully focused on the marketing of the Company’s products. Plano & Vendas currently accounts for 70% of the Company’s sales. With a skilled team of dedicated managers, with more than 4.000 associates spread all over the city.